Friday, July 20, 2012

All American Slurp Sample Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan and Questions

I can't post the actual story here, but a Google search will get you to it quick enough. It's also in the book America Street - there's a link to the Amazon page at the end of the lesson. There are also several similar lesson plans for the story online, as well.  The actual short story is All-American Slurp by Lensey Namioka

All-American Slurp Lesson (1-2 class periods)

Anticipate the short story “All-American Slurp” by Lensey Namioka by telling quick version of the time I felt completely out of place. Let a few of the students give their own quick “one time” stories. Why did we feel so uncomfortable in those situations?
Why do you think this story is titled the way it is?

During Reading Activity: Highlight, in yellow, beliefs or actions of the Lins that are different from your own. Highlight, in green, beliefs or actions of the Lins that are similar to your own. Class will intermittently discuss these differences.

Teacher reads aloud as students read along.

Guiding Questions:
Why won’t the Lins eat the dip?
Haven’t they seen celery before? Show onomatopoeia slide (the story includes onomatopoeia, so it’s a good opportunity to give the kids a little quick info)
What social norms are the Lins not aware of at the party? What do you suppose “social norm” means?
How did the Lins try to be helpful at the party?
The narrator writes at one point that she could, “almost pass for an American.” Do you think this is important to her? Why? [Show slide of Chinese dress]
How did she trick her mother into buying her jeans?
Why does she think of celery strings at this point?

Discuss/Contrast/Compare/Revisit Anticipation

Compose list of social norms. How would others react if we broke these norms? Why?

Optional Homework: Go home and break some of these norms with your family (keep it safe and fun)! How did they react?

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